Assess risks faster with Insights

Insights surfaces risks in a sea of asset data. Quickly see workstations, virtual machines, and software that needs attention now or in the future.

Maintain industry standards

Out of the box, our Insights algorithm is set up to help you maintain a healthy IT infrastructure. When an Insight is brought to your attention it’s because an asset has fallen behind industry standards. From there, you can quickly turn an Insight into an Initiative or Scorecard to get the ball rolling.

Personalize to your standard practices

Every MSP has their own unique set of operating standards, and each client their own service agreements. Personalize Insights to the standards you live by so you never miss a risky asset. With real-time updating you’ll know exactly when something needs your attention.
Lifecycle Manager serves up data that has been difficult for us to correlate. It validates a lot of the suspicions I have about what’s going on in my clients’ environments. We can easily identify risky servers in real time.
Matt Clarin
President, Hungerford Technologies
Effective risk management means knowing what has to be done and when to start doing it. Lifecycle Manager Insights automatically surfaces this information so we can take client-protecting action, today.
Sean Kline
President & CEO, Turbotek

Grade your assets through Insights

Data from your Insights are pulled into Scorecards to share with clients. With Scorecards, MSPs can present a color-coded score for different types of assets, recommendations for solutions and budget recommendations for each card. In this format, clients can easily understand what part of their IT environment needs attention and what to budget for that project.

High-Risk Insights

Assets that need your immediate attention are featured on the dashboard. Now you won’t miss critical fixes hidden in a spreadsheet.

Forecasting Insights

Help your clients budget for IT upgrades by looking ahead up to 120 days in the future to see what assets will need your attention.

Backup Radar

Sync with Backup Radar and we’ll point out any potential gaps in your backup coverage by auditing your backup monitoring policies.