Take the initiative to make an Initiative

Create simple proposals with initiatives. With templates for the most common projects, you can send them off in seconds.

Proactively find solutions for clients

Bring clients solutions they can plan around with the data to back up your proposal. Insights from your dashboard can quickly be turned into client-ready Initiatives. They’ll have the asset details, budget, and an executive summary so your clients can make an informed decision.

Helps clients plan and budget for IT upgrades

Data from Initiatives is used to build short and long-term planning with Lifecycle Manager’s Roadmaps. MSPs can work with clients to build a plan that outlines projects across categories and totals projected budget needs for each quarter. Easily share with clients through presentation-friendly display mode, as well as PDF downloadables.
Initiatives increase the visibility of old and outdated assets in our clients’ environments. Clients see the risk, understand that they’re a problem, and are then driven to buy into removing risk and upgrading their environment. Initiatives really simplify hardware replacement conversations in just clicks.
Darrin LebLanc
Client Engagement Manager, PEI - HQ
Initiatives are a great way to contact clients between scheduled formal meetings. It keeps an open line of communication so we can ensure we’re serving our clients needs.
Kendra Schaber
Client Services Manager, Alt-Tech Inc

Improve your MSP’s processes

Once a high-risk asset is discovered, send an Initiative to touch-base with clients quickly rather than waiting for quarterly meetings where it could get overlooked. Keep track of all your Initiatives within Lifecycle Manager’s dashboard and Roadmap as you take steps to improve your clients’ environment.

Workflow integration

Initiatives work with your Lifecycle Manager workflow. Create an Initiative proposal directly from an Insight or on your Roadmap timeline. If it’s for warranties you can even check-out through your Initiative once you get client approval.

Templated summaries

Save time and give your clients the details they need to understand the importance of your proposal. Our executive summary templates provide background information you can use as-is or edit as needed.

Quoting and markups

We’ll help you do the math so you can get your proposals out quickly. Depending on the type of initiative you’ve created, add one-time fees, recurring fees, or set a markup percentage on warranty purchases.