IT Strategy Planning

Lead your clients to a better IT environment

Ditch the reactive fixes. Get the tools that help you confidently plan an IT strategy for your clients.

Partnership first, sales second

Become a strategic partner with your IT clients by focusing on the long-term goals. Be mutually accountable for these goals by using an unbiased performance indicator — the Digital Maturity Index™. Basing success on industry standards helps you improve relationships with clients without bringing opinions into the mix.
Alvarez Technology Group

Why Alvarez Technology Group Puts Client Security First

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Plan IT strategy proactively

Rather than fixing issues as they come up, strategic MSPs mitigate risk before they’re problems. Leveraging forecasting Insights and Roadmaps will give your clients an opportunity to plan for hardware replacements or refreshes before it’s an emergency. Now they can see the budget required for each quarter, whether it’s the next one or five years in advance.

Discover risks and opportunities by scoring IT progress

Show clients the vulnerabilities in their IT environments with data-based Scorecards. Lifecycle Manager pulls data from Insights to grade your assets based on aspects like age and warranty status. Show clients potential solutions to raise their scores and the projected costs to address old or outdated hardware and warranties.

Streamline the proposal process

Focus your IT strategy planning on the biggest projects, and put the smaller ones on autopilot. With Initiatives, automation keeps your MSP agile as you keep your client’s infrastructure humming. With future planning in mind, you can set Initiatives to execute when the time is right.


Infographic: Growing Together Through Strategic Planning

Five IT Managed Service Providers give tips for effective strategic planning, complete with data from the ScalePad Business Growth Report.
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