Create Roadmaps that work for your clients' business

In the client-ready presentation mode you'll be able to collaborate with clients in real-time to develop a plan that works for their business and yours.

Manage future planning with dynamic tools

Create Roadmaps with your Initiatives made in Lifecycle Manager. It’s simple enough for everyone involved to contribute to building a roadmap. Need to move a project down the line? Easily drag and drop to update the timeline. Strategic planning isn’t just for the vCIO anymore.

Collaborate on short and long-term plans with clients

Use Roadmaps to help clients visualize projects up to five years in advance. Establish their timeline, budget, and priority to build the perfect technology maturity Roadmap for any business as they grow. Work together and you’ll become an indispensable part of your clients strategic planning and improve their IT experience.
The summaries are technical enough to be relevant but not a snooze-fest for our clients. It strikes the perfect balance of where clients are at, what they need to do, and how much it’ll cost.
Aaron Waters
President, Rayne Technologies
Sharing Roadmaps in real time lets us really dig in with a client. We can get instant approval and make sure we’re all on the same page.
Joe Markert
CEO, Function One

Visualize budgets to create the right plan for clients

By revisiting Roadmaps on a quarterly basis, clients can see the individual cost of various projects in different categories, as well as the overall projected cost per quarter. Build mutual understanding — and trust — with your clients as they see exactly what’s in store for the coming quarters.

Integrated with your Initiatives

Initiatives created in Lifecycle Manager can be pulled into Roadmaps to build a project timeline, or generated directly in Roadmaps. Customize Initiatives, create new ones, or add suggested Initiatives to highlight specific elements to your clients.

Easily shareable

Show your clients’ Roadmaps in a polished presentation where you can flip between Roadmaps and Scorecards in a click. After, send them a client-friendly PDF that’s both white-label and easy to understand.

Plan and prioritize dynamically

Break out your Initiatives into quarters on your client’s timeline. Keep your Roadmap easily readable with prioritization options to highlight the most important projects for clients.