Show clients risks and opportunities in their infrastructure

MSPs can quickly visualize the need for change by laying out risks and opportunities in client-facing Scorecards.

Show clients the risks and opportunities for their business

Scorecards simplify complex issues affecting your clients’ IT. Show them what’s impacting their businesses, like bad assets, hardware, or software at risk of failure. Or even celebrate what’s going well. Risks and improvement opportunities for their businesses are now crystal clear.

Spend more time engaging with clients

Scorecards are made quickly by leveraging data from Lifecycle Manager Insights. Use the presentation mode to walk clients through the issues at hand by showing the color-coded score, pre-formatted executive summary, budget, and recommendations. Keep track of all your scorecards with versions and history, and send clients a current copy of the white-label PDF version to review your recommendations.

Scorecards are great because they hit all the fundamentals. They are perfect to show during our regular meetings as an executive summary.
Joe Markert
CEO, Function One
It’s super-easy to pump out Scorecards. They’re simple, color-coded, and straight to the point. It shows what we’re talking about, where we’re at, and how much it costs.
Aaron Waters
President, Rayne Technologies

Develop custom Scorecards to track what you want

Scorecards are based on Lifecycle Manager’s Insights data, but you can customize them to suit your needs. Modify them to highlight wins with your clients or show them where they need improvements. Plus, each client can see their overall DMI™ score at the top of the Scorecard to get an overall idea of where their environment stands.

See areas for improvement

Pull data from the Lifecycle Manager dashboard into Scorecards to see category suggestions, such as servers and warranty coverage. Customize additional Scorecards based on your clients' specific needs.

Easily shareable

Use presentation mode to give clients a polished presentation, or download and send PDF versions. The visual design of Scorecards are easy for all audiences to understand.

Customize priority

Change the priority of categories to customize the order in which they appear. Order your Scorecards sections to align with a meeting agenda or discussion topic for easy reference.