MSP Revenue Growth

You want your IT business to make more money. We can help.

Lifecycle Manager increases visibility of sales opportunities and makes untapped revenue streams more accessible. Now you can spend less time looking for revenue and more time making it.

Spot the sales opportunities

Knowing the status of your clients’ environment can reveal your next sales opportunity. Find out which clients have the most room for improvement with DMI, and use Insights to identify the assets ready for a replace or refresh. It’s a win-win as your MSP becomes more proactive and profitable at the same time.

Win new business with automated audits

Automate the assessment of prospective clients’ environments with Lifecycle Manager. Discover all of the risks and opportunities that exist in their environment to show clients why your MSP is the best choice to support their business. Lifecycle Manager’s reports, scorecards, and DMI grade a business’s IT health, letting your MSP develop plans to address vulnerabilities and improve their operations.

More options for markup

When maintained and procured effectively, warranties keep assets protected and MSPs profitable. Reduce time wasted and increase your margins by procuring warranties for servers and networking equipment through the ScalePad Service Marketplace. Here you’ll find more revenue-generating services: Workstation Assurance and IT Asset Disposal services.

Alvarez Technology Group

How ATG uses Lifecycle Manager to grow and maintain revenue

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Luis Alvarez

Simplify the sales pitch

Gathering background information, providing rationale, and sharing proposals takes time. Take back that time by automating the process with Initiatives. Produced in clicks, these templates quickly provide clients with the information they need to make decisions. Plot your Initiatives on a Roadmap to create a timeline for completing projects over months or years.

Show clients where they stand

Generating additional revenue with existing clients can be a challenge, but Lifecycle Manager’s Scorecards allow MSPs to share how their clients’ infrastructure stacks up to industry standards and identify risks to their business. Now the problem, solution, and budget are clear so clients can say ‘yes’ to strategic plans that improve their IT experience.

Increase MRR through client acquisition

How can you add more clients to your roster without exponential hiring or causing burnout? Automate everything you can. By taking care of time-consuming tasks, Lifecycle Manager gives you more time for onboarding clients that increases your recurring revenue.

The Lead Generation Guide For MSPs

Learn to run successful lead generation tactics that will help your MSP identify your ideal clients and appeal to their needs. Scale your business by creating effective marketing strategies, and learn to qualify leads and keep them engaged.
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