Enhance Your Client Experience with Scorecards and Roadmaps | Product Update

Published October 12, 2022
Scorecards and Roadmaps added to Lifecycle Manager

Low ticket volume, peace of mind, and a functional IT environment aren’t fever dreams for Managed Service Providers. They can actually happen. 

The truth is, accomplishing those dreams isn’t a destination you just arrive at – it’s a journey you and your clients take together. Traveling down that road together means you need next-level communication and collaboration with clients.

MSPs intuitively know what needs to be done to improve a clients’ IT environment and experience, so what’s preventing them from achieving those improvements and needs? A lack of shared accountability, no scalable and repeatable processes, and lengthy prep time for QBRs that aren’t getting anything done.

In our latest product update to Lifecycle Manager, we’ve included tools to help you be successful in working more harmoniously with your clients to achieve those shared goals. 

Get a visual assessment of your clients IT environment with Scorecards

It’s easy to overload prospects and existing clients with technical information, resulting in a lack of meaningful action to improve the client experience. Lifecycle Manager’s new Scorecards feature helps alleviate the overwhelming amount of information given to prospects and clients, so you can have deeper conversations with them about their IT environments.

Scorecards are generated automatically from data in Insights and can be customized to produce a visual assessment of a client and their technology. Each scorecard contains a sharable DMI score, focus categories, five-point visual scoring system, feedback and recommendations, and an estimated client investment cost. 

Why do Scorecards matter to you and your clients?

Your clients can instantly see and understand the risks and improvement opportunities in their business operations. Use the built-in Share With Clients function in your next strategic meeting to show clients the high-priority risks and improvement opportunities they need to address or download a PDF version to share with them or follow up afterwards. 

Got a prospect you want to close? Whip up a scorecard to show them where they’re at now to start the conversation of where you will take them.

To get you started, Scorecards is equipped with four auto-generated templates and more customizable categories. 

“It’s super-easy to pump out scorecards. They’re simple, color-coded, and straight to the point. It shows what we’re talking about, where we’re at, and how much it costs.”

Aaron Waters, President, Rayne Technologies

Creating the roadmap to a better client experience

There aren’t any shortcuts to creating a harmonious client experience. Achieving a well-functioning, modernized IT environment, requires a client to say “yes” to your initiatives. But “Yes” is just the beginning; strategic long-term planning is the key to building and maintaining the client experience. We’ve developed a new feature to roadmap your initiatives. 

Roadmaps provide the ability to create, publish, and deliver IT plans directly from your own or set Initiatives in Lifecycle Manager. This feature plots your Initiatives and budget requirements onto a quarterly timeline and allows for a simple visualization of your long-term planning. It’s easy for clients to see and understand the expectations of the initiatives you put in place.

Why do Roadmaps matter to you and your clients?

With a proper roadmap, clients are upgradable when they need to be. 

Start managing your strategy roadmaps dynamically and fluidly with real-time dragging and dropping of Initiatives on the timeline. With support for roadmaps of 1 to 5 years, your MSP can ensure your clients have total visibility of the timelines, budgeting, and priorities required to maintain their business operational uptime.

Roadmaps equip you with the ability to collaborate with your clients to get things done on time, on budget and, most importantly, together to improve their IT experience.

How can you use Roadmaps to do more with your clients?

Does your client have an Initiative set to purchase new servers for Q4, but found some wiggle room in the budget to make it happen earlier? Simply select your Initiative, and move the project ahead of schedule to Q3. 

Roadmaps can also unlock several environment-improving and sales opportunities. Recommendations can be made to allocate funds from Initiatives that are completed under budget to be allocated to other projects in the same or future quarters if you want a head start. 

Saved some money on workstation replacements? Use this information in your next strategic meeting to suggest the funds be allocated to cover other risks, like a warranty for that aging server.

“It’s a huge time saver to simply add in new Initiatives from the templates; especially with new clients. Being able to move them into a quarter in real time makes planning & collaborating with clients so much easier.”

Joe Markert,  CEO, TransformITive

How do Scorecards and Roadmaps fit into a Lifecycle Manager workflow?

As we continue to update our Lifecycle Manager product, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the entire workflow and have all of Lifecycle Manager’s tools assist in offering a better customer experience. Scorecards and Roadmaps will be added to our lineup of features to help MSPs get a better understanding of what is happening in their clients’ environments, see risks and opportunities, and help generate more revenue for their business. 

Lifecycle Manager now has a unique workflow that sees all of the features work progressively to offer a better IT experience. 

  • Select a client you would like to focus on
  • Check their DMI score for a quick glance into the trends of the client’s environment
  • Click on Insights to surface critical issues present in the environment
  • Create a Scorecard to share a visualized executive summary
  • Plan an Initiative to address the client’s risk and improvement opportunities
  • Visit Roadmaps to view, organize, and manage your client’s Initiatives on a modular, quarterly timeline
  • Take action: purchase or extend warranties, replace hardware, optimize your backup operations, or whatever it takes to improve the client’s IT experience

“ScalePad is flawless. It seamlessly integrated with our stack and automated our asset lifecycle management. The real-time surfacing of critical asset information and reports allow us to communicate risk to clients and motivate them to refresh problem assets much easier. It’s a game-changer.”
Gil Morris Chief Technology Officer, Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

A focus on the client experience

ScalePad is focused on bringing our Partners quality products that help them enhance the experience they have with their clients. Our updates to Lifecycle Manager reflect that commitment to continue to improve our product so we can help our Partners better help their clients. This latest update with Scorecards and Roadmaps helps offer our partners a better visualization of all the opportunities in their business, from risk and improvements to sales. 

Try our Free Edition and see our new features for yourself, or request a demo today, and let our team show you how to develop a better experience with your clients.