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Discover why MSPs consider Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar as the most valuable apps in their stack. 
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Plans to Grow Relationships and Revenue

Our plans are designed to help you leverage data to improve client engagement and reinforce your MSP’s position as a strategic leader.


Perfect for test-driving Lifecycle Manager’s features. Generate color-coded scorecards and build roadmaps for 1 client to preview how easy it is to automate the hard parts of client engagement.

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Client communication

  • Digital Maturity Index (DMI) Scoring
  • Client dashboard with list view
  • Share Roadmaps and scorecards (1 client only)

Data Insights

  • Standard Insights
  • Scorecards (1 client only)
  • View warranty sales opportunities

Planning and roadmaps

  • Initiatives (1 client only)
  • Roadmaps (1 client only)
  • Create warranty renewal proposals

Lifecycle Manager Pro

The MSP client engagement powerhouse. Includes features to automate how you assess, plan, communicate, and deliver on promises for all of your clients.

Pricing scales based on the number of managed assets. Customize your plan to suit your needs.
One-time activation fee of $495

Need more assets? Contact our team and let's find the right plan for you.

The entire Free package, plus…

Client communication

  • Client activity dashboard
  • Customizable, PDF-shareable scorecards (for all clients)
  • Schedule and auto-send reports
  • Customizable, downloadable hardware reports
  • Downloadable software reports

Data tracking and insights

  • Personalized Insights
  • Forecasting & forecasting filters for Insights
  • Trending for Insights
  • Asset lifecycle data (warranty expiry dates, purchase dates, asset age)
  • Client summary reports

Planning and roadmaps

  • Plan and manage Initiatives (for all clients)
  • Add and edit Initiatives on Roadmaps (for all clients)
  • Share Roadmaps with clients (for all clients)
  • Create tickets in PSA (Connectwise Manage)

Delivering on promises

  • Create tasks from client conversation to-do’s
  • Log client interactions in Notes
  • Save and manage client and company details in the Contact area
  • Track hardware and software consoles, and individual assets

ScalePad Marketplace

Access to in-app ScalePad Marketplace:
  • Server and network warranties
  • Full replacement warranty coverage
  • Free white glove IT asset disposal

Lifecycle Manager FAQ

How do I know if Lifecycle Manager is right for my MSP?

If you've ever wished there was a way to help a client understand the value of your MSP's work, Lifecycle Manager is right for you. 

If you've ever tried to devise a suitable metaphor to explain a complex challenge in more straightforward terms for a client, Lifecycle Manager is the last piece to the puzzle, satisfying and streamlined. 

If you've ever scrambled to put together a plan for a client that is strategic, thoughtful, and reflective of the quality of your work, Lifecycle Manager is for you.

If your MSP works hard to deliver value, Lifecycle Manager is for you. We're here to make the client engagement part easy.

How long does it take to onboard?

10 minutes! Seriously. Our integration process is straightforward. Copy and paste the API keys from the tools in your daily tech stack into Lifecycle Manager, and you're ready to rock. 

Pro account users also have access to online-based onboarding with a Partner Success Manager to jumpstart adoption and experience the immediate value of Lifecycle Manager.

What processes in my operations does Lifecycle Manager replace?

Lifecycle Manager replaces the manual and time-consuming processes related to delivering elevated client experiences, including:

  • Meeting preparation 
  • Technology data aggregation 
  • Technology data analysis 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Project roadmapping
  • Project budgeting 
  • Delivering project updates 
  • Managing warranty coverage 
  • Managing IT asset disposal 
  • Managing workstation assurance
How am I billed?

When you sign up for Lifecycle Manager, you will be billed monthly for a 12-month term subscription. Plans are based on tiers for the total assets under your management. Ask sales or your ScalePad account manager about discounts for 3-year term subscriptions.

How are assets counted?

Lifecycle Manager syncs your managed assets from your RMM, PSA, documentation, and other tools. Assets are deduped so you are billed on the total unique assets synced. The following are counted as assets in Lifecycle Manager for billing purposes:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Networking devices
  • Imaging devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual Machines
What integrations do you support?

Lifecycle Manager supports major PSAs, RMMs, and documentation.

We currently support PSAs from: Connectwise, Datto, Kaseya, Pulseway, SuperOps, and more.

We currently support RMMs: Connectwise, Datto, Kaseya, N-able, Syncro, and more. 

We currently support documentation: IT Glue and Hudu. 

To see a full list of integrations, including other tools supported, visit the Integrations page.

Why upgrade from Free Edition to Pro?

The Pro version of Lifecycle Manager is for MSPs ready to transform the client experience for all their clients with features to automate the hard parts. Pro lets you deliver strategic, personalized client engagement for every client with: 

  • Automated technology assessments
    Lifecycle Manager lets you integrate the tools from your everyday tech stack to get a clear picture of every client's technology so you can take informed action. 

  • Automated easy-to-understand reporting
    Make sales proposals and complex technical conversations easier for all your clients and help them visualize the impact of strategic planning with easy-to-understand reporting formats, including Scorecards and DMI scores. 

  • Visual planning tools
    With your Pro Plan, you can plan up to five years in advance for every client's technology needs and share the plans in visual Roadmaps that help clients budget for the future. 

  • PSA integration for task creation
    Streamline to-do tasks for every client with Action Items, which our Pro Partners using ConnectWise Manage can turn into PSA tickets without clicking between platforms. 

  • In-app hardware client disposal services
    Cover all your clients' hardware needs — from unboxing to retiring technical equipment — to provide an industry-leading experience. Warranties, IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), and Workstation Assurance are instantly available in-app to support the entire asset lifecycle. 

  • Client-centric workflow
    With a platform designed to give you easy access to features for improving client engagement, you'll have everything you need to turn every client into your ideal client (and bolster your MSP's reputation in the process!)

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