Get your clients the warranties they need…
…with fewer clicks than ordering a pizza.

With Warranty Services in Lifecycle Manager, MSPs can automate the quote process for client warranties.
Offer your clients warranty services on demand to avoid OEMs and extend the lifespan of critical hardware – all while generating new revenue for your business.

It’s quicker than ordering a pizza!
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Warranty Services in Lifecycle Manager:

How to Procure Client Warranties
(In Just A Few Clicks)

Automate Warranty Lookups

Gather accurate warranty information from over 40 OEMs to give you a better picture of your clients’ assets. Sort and filter information to identify assets near the end of their coverage.

Deliver Instant Quotes

Get automated quotes for your clients in just a few clicks using the Lifecycle Manager app. Access the “Warranties” tab, select the client and asset, and send the quote – no tip required!

Create Warranty Roadmaps

Once you’ve identified assets out of warranty, our templates clearly convey the risk to clients. If they’re not ready to buy, plot the initiative on a Roadmap for a time that works for their budget.

Set Your Own Margins

With flexible margins, earn what you want on every warranty you procure for your clients – take a slice for yourself and increase revenue for your MSP, or pass the savings on to your clients.

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Bypass the OEM

Manufacturers often charge higher rates for extended warranty services, even after considering your mark-up. Deliver your clients the same coverage without the back-and-forth with the OEM.

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Leverage Our In-App Sales Kit

We provide you with the tools you need to present, evaluate, and sell extended warranty services to your clients. Offer upleveled warranties on demand to protect your clients’ assets.

Access On-Demand Support

Request or schedule service on servers and network equipment from our 24/7 global response team of more than 23,000 technicians in 154 countries – all with just a few clicks in the app.

Tap Into Sustainable Solutions

Warranty Services extend the lifespan of your clients’ assets, which saves them money and reduces downtime. Plus, for every warranty procured, our partner Veritree plants a tree!

Case Study: Keep IT Defended

Find out how Keep IT Defended was able to generate $1000 in new gross revenue from a single client using Lifecycle Manager’s Warranty Services – all with just a few clicks.

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MSPs – Access Warranty Services in the Lifecycle Manager App and Earn a Slice of Warranty Revenue

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