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How to bake critical Infrastructure Protection into your MSA

You hold your MSP to high standards, and so do your clients. That’s why Infrastructure Protection should be a non-negotiable for engaging your MSP. The top 1% of MSPs don’t sell warranties — they bake critical infrastructure protection into their Master Service Agreement (MSA) instead.

The not-so-secret protection strategy of top MSPs

Protection for your clients’ critical infrastructure shouldn’t be optional. It should be a requirement.
Here’s why:
True end-to-end service includes having all assets covered and protected
Cognition360 targets
Clients expect reliable and continuous uptime
Servicing hardware under protection provides a better client experience

The not-so-secret protection strategy of top MSPs

Your clients expect their systems to run uninterrupted. Protecting their hardware is essential to upholding that standard of service.

But selling coverage as an “option” diminishes its value. Instead, show your clients your commitment to high service standards by making coverage non-negotiable as part of your Master Service Agreement.

By requiring Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance as part of your Master Service Agreement, you’ll get:

• Faster hardware recovery times
• Frictionless warranty renewals and extensions
• Increased recurring revenue for your MSP

What is Infrastructure Protection?

Infrastructure Protection is an in-app service from Lifecycle Manager that provides streamlined warranty lookups and affordable procurement so you can provide proactive coverage for your clients’ critical assets.

Lifecycle Manager gathers accurate warranty information from 30+ OEMs for standardized protection across unique client environments. You control the markups, so you can be flexible with client rates while still increasing revenue.

For your clients’ workstation hardware, there’s Workstation Assurance, also accessible in-app from Lifecycle Manager for full replacement coverage of your clients’ workstation hardware, including accidental damage.

It’s time to disrupt warranty sales

The top 1% of MSPs are more successful because they don’t sell protection; they require it. With our resources for baking Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance into your MSA, you can too.

“The most important thing for us is that we don’t want there to be any unmet expectations. We start right from the beginning of our relationship with our clients when we tell them, ‘Look, it’s really important that your critical systems — whether it’s hardware or networking devices — have active warranties and service agreements, so that if something happens, we can engage with the vendor to replace or fix that device without having to take on additional cost. It’s in your best interests to have these devices under warranty or extended warranty, or service program if it’s a firewall or networking device.”

Luis Alvarez
President and CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

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Gain knowledge and confidence to transform how you standardize protection and elevate client care.
These teachings feature Ryan Sigouin, builder of Canada’s top two MSP brands and Chief Operating Officer at ScalePad.
What is Infrastructure Protection, and Why Is It Important?
In this one-minute breakdown, we define Infrastructure Protection and examine its impact on delivering the level of service your clients expect.
How Critical is Adding Infrastructure Protection to Your MSA?
Become an Infrastructure Protection expert in less than a minute with this how-to for standardizing coverage as part of your MSA.
How To Use a Risk Acknowledgement Form
Learn precisely when, why, and how to use a Risk Acknowledgement form to ensure no unmet expectations between you and your clients.

What’s in the resource package?

These materials were designed to help you present Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance as non-negotiables for engaging your MSP.
Download the resources
MSA Template
We’re giving you the verbiage to copy and paste into your MSA so you can start requiring Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance when you sign on new clients and renew contracts.
Download MSA Template
Client-Friendly Proposal
This white-labeled PowerPoint, talk track, and one-pager were designed to help you speak about Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance as non-negotiables for engaging your MSP.
Download White-Label PowerPoint
Download Talk Track
Download One-Pager
Cognition 360 Reports
White-Labeled Spec Sheets
We’ve included spec sheets for Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance for clients who want to see coverage details.
Download Spec Sheets
Risk Acknowledgement Form
Leverage this elegant and secure way to respond to clients who want to opt out of Infrastructure Protection as part of their service agreement (yes, we’ve thought of everything).
Download Risk Acknowledgement Form

Ready to get started?

You’re one step closer to joining the top 1% of MSPs with frictionless critical infrastructure protection baked into your MSA.
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