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May 19, 2021

My RMM Already Tracks Asset Data. Why Would I Need ScalePad?

Bradley Veregin

“I already have an RMM that tracks my clients’ hardware and software data. It also helps me automate maintenance. If I’m already getting all of this from my RMM, why would I need ScalePad?”

My RMM Already Tracks Asset Data. Why Would I Need ScalePad?

A common misconception is that an RMM can be easily used for hardware and software asset management and that a separate tool isn’t needed. We’re here to dispel that myth and tell you why you need ScalePad in addition to your current RMM.

 The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need ScalePad in Addition to Your RMM

1. Warranty Expiration and Asset Purchase Dates from 40+ OEM’s

While your RMM does provide critical asset data, ScalePad complements this data by automatically populating warranty expiry dates and purchase dates for all of your managed hardware. It easily identifies aging devices and those out of warranty so that you can take action to decrease risk on those assets. Our vast relationships with manufacturers means that you’ll always have real-time, accurate, and up-to-date data from all leading manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, so that your techs no longer have to manually search for and manage this information.

2. Color-Coded, Consolidated View of All Assets

ScalePad integrates with your RMM in as little as 90 seconds to provide you with a clean, 360-degree view of your clients’ environment. It displays a comprehensive view of your clients’ hardware and software inventory - all in a single view. Assets are color-coded to identify their lifecycle phase, so that you can quickly and easily identify at-risk assets (red: end-of-service-life, amber: nearing end-of-service-life, green: healthy). What’s better? ScalePad integrates with 30+ of the most popular MSP tech tools in your stack: RMM, PSA, documentation, networking, and more. Your techs no longer have the tedious task of piecing together fragmented data from all your other systems. Instead, they can see it all in one-place and focus on keeping your clients’ environment running smoothly. 

3. Easy-to-Understand and Ready-Made Reports for Your Clients

It is never easy talking to clients about the need to invest in their IT infrastructure. ScalePad takes this pain away by generating client-facing reports to facilitate these conversations. The reports are auto-generated and color-coded to easily identify which assets are at end-of-service-life (red), nearing end-of-service-life (amber), or still in their prime (green).

Reports present an unbiased view into your clients’ IT environment and facilitate conversations around budgeting for the future. The best part? The reports can be prepared and sent automatically to your clients on a customized schedule. This eliminates all of the manual processes associated with acquiring the data, summarizing it, extracting insights, and presenting it to clients, which saves you time and money.

“It has taken the labor out of the process because it runs and updates automatically.”

Wayne Longabard

Technology Services Manager, Integrated IT

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