ScalePad’s Automation Solution Handbook
Discover why MSPs consider Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar as the most valuable apps in their stack. 
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Server and network equipment coverage for service your clients expect

Reduce downtime, increase revenue, and ensure the highest standard of client care with ScalePad Infrastructure Protection, formerly Warranty Services.

Automated accurate warranty lookups

Lifecycle Manager gathers accurate coverage information for 30+ OEM vendors for a clear picture of your clients’ IT environments. Sort and filter the details on the dashboard to see equipment near the end of its term. Sound familiar? It’s where we started, back when Lifecycle Manager was known as Warranty Master.

Deliver the experience clients expect

Clients expect you to deliver seamless IT. Make Infrastructure Protection a non-negotiable for engaging your MSP so that you can ensure the highest standard of service. Plot coverage as Initiatives on Roadmaps to help clients anticipate budget for up to five years in advance.

Generate new recurring revenue

The price point of Infrastructure Protection is a win-win for you and your clients, as it’s often more affordable than OEM warranties — even with a larger markup. You control the markup, so you can customize client rates while still increasing revenue.

Get Infrastructure Protection in Lifecycle Manager Pro

Only Pro users have access to Marketplace, where Infrastructure Protection is available for servers and networking devices. There’s no reinstatement fee to get started even if the OEM warranty has lapsed.

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Support a Greener Earth

We’ve partnered with veritree to plant a tree for every piece of equipment under warranty with Infrastructure Protection. By extending the useful life of your clients’ infrastructure, you offset the effects of e-waste and positively impact the environment.
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Equipment Insights

Get alerts in the Insights panel about high-risk devices that are out of warranty. Use the Forecast tool to identify devices that require warranty renewal soon, so you're always one step ahead in ensuring uptime for your clients.

Client Communication

Use Roadmaps to share your client’s long-term coverage plans in a visual format that’s easy for non-technical folks to understand. You can send a Roadmap as a downloadable PDF or include it in a conversation using Presentation Mode.

Warranty Procurement

Quote, procure, and purchase coverage for 30+ OEMs in one streamlined workflow. Standardize your process for protecting client infrastructure, and see how easy it is to boost your bottom line. OEM warranty already lapsed? Infrastructure Protection has no reinstatement fees to get started.

On-demand support

Request or schedule service on servers and network equipment from our 24/7 global response team of more than 23,000 technicians in 154 countries. It only takes a few clicks in the app to get Infrastructure Protection trucks rolling.

No surprises

Servers and networking devices are replaced less frequently than workstations. That doesn’t mean they should be overlooked in your quarterly business reviews. Plan up to five years in advance on a Roadmap that includes upcoming warranty renewals. Now, you and your clients will have peace of mind that critical assets are protected from surprise costs and significant downtime.

Get Infrastructure Protection in Lifecycle Manager Pro

Only Pro users have access to Marketplace, where you can purchase coverage for client devices with Infrastructure Protection.
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