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Lifecycle Manager + ConnectWise

Sync actively managed assets and their installed software through integration of ConnectWise PSA (Manage), RMM and Automate RMM with Lifecycle Manager for accurate warranty dates, automated insights and generated scorecards for each of your clients.

What is ConnectWise?

ConnectWise is a leading software company with a suite of software solutions purpose-built for MSPs. From PSAs to RMMs to Documentation ConnectWise has built a multifunctional IT platform for many MSPs’ daily needs.

Lifecycle Manager integrates with some of ConnectWise’s most popular tools.

  • ConnectWise RMM and Automate: A set of manual and automated remote monitoring and management tools that connect with Lifecycle Manager to sync information from workstations, servers, and VMs (i.e. anything with an OS)

  • ConnectWise PSA (Manage): ConnectWise’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform. PSAs have much more flexibility in the sync than RMMs, meaning they can sync every type of asset into Lifecycle Manager e.g. workstations, servers, VMs, VMWare hosts, SANs, imaging, networking, and mobile.

Why Lifecycle Manager + ConnectWise?

Gain a singular view into your clients’ technology by integrating ConnectWise tools with Lifecycle Manager. With greater visibility, you can improve your clients’ experience by proactively identifying areas of improvement and communicating IT risk in a way your clients will understand.

Together Lifecycle Manager and ConnectWise unlock a host of features that make client engagement easy, including:

  • Automated client-ready planning templates and reports.
  • Objective measurement of your client’s digital maturity with our Digital Maturity Index (DMI™) and generated scorecards.
  • Access to accurate hardware, network, and software asset data without duplication.
  • Insights that identify your high-risk clients & assets.
  • Engage clients with visual roadmaps that effectively communicate priorities.
  • Protect infrastructure & assets and generate new revenue with warranty coverage in under 30 seconds.
  • Securely dispose of aged assets for free with IT Asset Disposal.

Sync back new data

Enable two-way sync in Lifecycle Manager to keep your configuration data in ConnectWise up to date when you make changes — like if you’ve purchased a warranty through Lifecycle Manager and want to keep the new expiry date correct on both platforms.

Learn More about Lifecycle Manager’s features that make client engagement effortless.

How to integrate ConnectWise + Lifecycle Manager?

We made it easy to integrate your ConnectWise tools you use every day. All you need are your API keys, and in a few clicks, you’ll have your client engagement powerhouse ready to rock.

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Want to make the most of your ConnectWise data?

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