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You can’t cat-proof client workstations…
…but you can cover accidental damage.

With Workstation Assurance in Lifecycle Manager, MSPs can provide clients with comprehensive warranties as well as accidental damage coverage for their frontline assets. Protect your clients’ laptops and desktops against both hardware failures and spills, drops, and accidents, and offer clients replacement exchange for their damaged devices – no matter where they work.
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Workstation Assurance in Lifecycle Manager:

How to Procure Client Warranties and Accidental Damage Protection For Clients' Computers (In Just A Few Clicks)

Standard Warranty Coverage

Protect your clients’ laptops and desktop computers against critical hardware component failures: HDDs, RAM, graphics cards, connector ports, laptop screens, and more.

Accidental Damage Protection

Beyond standard warranties, Workstation Assurance also covers cat-astrophic accidental damage – make your clients’ workstations spill-proof, drop-proof, and oops-proof!

Advanced Exchange

Accidents happen – we ship your client a comparable laptop or desktop before they send back the damaged asset at no cost to them. Reduce downtime and be a hero for your clients.

Coverage in Clicks

Get automated quotes for your clients in just a few clicks using the Lifecycle Manager app. Access the “Warranties” tab, select the client and workstation asset, and send the quote.

Set Your Own Margins

With flexible margins, earn what you want on every warranty you procure for your clients – increase revenue for your MSP or pass the savings on to clients (and their mischievous feline friends).

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Bypass the OEM

Manufacturers often charge higher rates for extended warranty services, even after considering your mark-up. And unlike most OEMs, there’s no reinstatement fee with Workstation Assurance.

Case Study: SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Find out how SUCCESS Computer Consulting was able to increase their revenue and bolster their warranty offering with Lifecycle Manager’s Warranty Services and Workstation Assurance.

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Leverage Our In-App Sales Kit

We provide you with the tools you need to present, evaluate, and sell extended coverage to your clients. Offer upleveled warranties and accidental damage coverage to protect your clients’ assets.

Tap Into Sustainable Solutions

Workstation Assurance gives your clients’ hardware extra lives – almost as many as their cat! Plus, for every warranty procured, our partner Veritree plants a tree, making it a sustainable solution for all client workstations.

Widespread Availability

We understand that MSPs have work-from-home clients located all over the world – Workstation Assurance is available for workstations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

MSPs – Provide Your Clients with Warranty Coverage and Accidental Damage Protection through the Lifecycle Manager App

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